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Why Visitors Are Not Coming to My Website? Why i need SEO?


As a business proprietor, you might be questioning “what’s search engine marketing, exactly?” Or “why do you want search engine marketing companies?” Chances are you’ll even be asking “how can search engine marketing help my web site to generate online leads?” or “how much should I pay for search engine marketing companies?”

Imagine you’ve bought a store and spent thousands fitting it out with the best products and the best store assistants waiting for your clients to arrive. The problem is your shop, and no one can find it!

What you need is to be the primary drag or in search engine positions page 1 of Google and Yahoo arguably the two biggest search engines around.

It is helpful to understand what happens when one of your customers does a search and attempts to find your company before I talk about what it takes to have a website on page 1 of the major search engines.

In each continent, Google has a repository somewhat like a giant library that is digital. Every second of every day it sends out search programs called “spiders” to find relevant information and retrieve them back to its library.

To get listed on Google search engine you must have to follow following requirements:
how SEO works
When somebody types in “fishing” the outcomes Google shows on the page, you see come from its library.

That is also how it manages to return millions of results in millionths of a second. Imagine walking into a library and asking the librarian for books on fishing.

She does not take hours searching through 400,000 books to find she can go direct to a section that is pre-sorted and bring you the best ten books on the subject.

Revelation 1 – You need to be to get recorded.

The next point is to make sure that your site is high on the list, so visitors see your site and contact your business. Or as in the top 10 books in the pile, you are with the librarian she places in front of you.

This is why you will need the help of a proven search engine optimization firm or Freelance SEO expert. Search engines like Google are very secretive about how they rank sites.

But over the years professional optimization specialists have devised a list of around 100 or so factors that make up the rank criteria Google will look at and work hard to fulfill these criteria.

The most frequent ones in no specific order are the freshness of content and web structure, website design linking, meta tags, ALT tags, domain history density, external links, traffic volumes, relevancy of content.

So now you have your site, and home page optimized you think that will get your website? – wrong!

Now you have to ensure each web page on your site is optimized, and they do not replicate optimization and the content of the others but all work in conjunction with each other.

We are back to our librarian again. Why would she present you with a book that has the pages out of order, has excellent information, poor quality print and nobody has ever read? Of course, she wouldn’t, and search engines do the same.

Their spiders hunt through your site looking for details of popularity, links, articles and so forth. So can you get your website on page 1 of the search engines?

Some web business will profess to get you on page 1 immediately. Hiring Freelance SEO Expert and Choosing the right keywords to promote your organization is vital.

Consider all your options, before you embark on a major website purchase and research your internet partner. Hire professional Freelance SEO Expert to optimize your website on Google to generate the new online leads.


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