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What are some good things to know? How to improve knowledge?

I believe it’s good to share my own experience and knowledge to others because all of us are equip with different belief systems, different educational backgrounds and different upbringings so there is no right or wrong answer for this question.


Here are 10 Things You Should Follow:

1. Be yourself. Don’t try and be someone you’re not. You are unique in the eyes of the Creator and to others. We all have our own fingerprint that is different from the rest. So why not be unique and stand out?

2. Keep it simple. You don’t need to live a complicated life. Remember it’s the littlest things in life that keep us happy, keep us calm and make us feel at peace with ourselves. It’s called “cheap thrill.” Remember we were kids and had so much fun?

3. Don’t procrastinate. You should get things done and not postpone it to another date, the more you procrastinate, the more you won’t get the thing done. Set a goal and establish a framework to meet that goal.

4. Learn work skills. This is essential especially at 21 we are at a time where we need to look for a steady income pay to support our lifestyle. The most important skills I find to have is time management and organisational skills. Maintain integrity at work and strive for excellence. Have a positive attitude, be ethical and professional when conducting tasks and be a good employee so that when it comes to pay rise and/or promotion you will be at the top list in the boss’ check list.

5. Pay no attention to other’s opinions about you. Sometimes when people are angry or upset, they form opinions about you that can make you feel upset. So in a way this can pass on to you, you need to remember that they are dealing with their own issues as well and discount them for this. Instead, think logically and build your strength to carry on.

6. Find a new hobby or activity or interest. If you want to exercise your creativity or logic skills, why not find a new hobby? It can improve your brain performance and make you feel less bored with nothing to do. For me I’m interested in Nature & Wildlife as well as sustainability for ecological species and as a result I started a writing blog all about nature and wildlife, eco-friendly trends, innovative ideas etc.

7. Don’t settle for the worst. Don’t allow yourself to succumb to a lower version of you. Step up and step out of it. You need to be at the level that is optimal for your well-being.

8. Take good care of your health. Don’t smoke, drink alcohol in moderation, exercise, sleep for a good 8 hours, eat healthy superfoods or at least eat healthy for 3 days of the week.

9. Go out and breathe in fresh air. In the morning, preferably 7am, take a walk outside, explore nature and your surroundings. You will feel fresher.

10. Read the news, latest affairs and updates. Keep up to date with whats going on around you locally and also in the greater affairs around the world. That way you will be in the know of what to say when starting a conversation with older people as well as your friends.


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