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How to get top ranks on Google using SEO in Just 3 Days?


SEO Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone, this is my first blog and I am choosing topic SEO which is quite in demand. Everyone is searching to know about shortcuts and hidden tricks of Google search engine optimization.

Based on my personal experience and practice, I would like to share my knowledge and practical results that how you can get top ranks on Google search results for your website.

There are many Books and Blogs available online but I will share you what I have practice myself with the results which I achieved that it’s possible to indexed your web pages in Google just in 2 days.

Tips and Tricks to Indexed web pages on Google in just in 3 days

A- Domain Name Having a SEO Friendly Domain name is one of the key point in SEO. Your domain name should have your most wanted KEYWORD in it including your local city or country name.

For example: if you are a Freelance Designer (keyword) in Kuala Lumpur (Targeting local presence) your domain name should be or
Another example would be if you are giving Lawyer services you can choose a domain or

Don’t do this: When you are booking your domain, please avoid to choose domain name with hyphen ( – ) for example


B- Website Development: Your website should be developed in DIV tags and should be responsive that user can browse them on Desktop, Mobile and on Tablet without changing the website version.

Google likes responsive websites with light coding, CSS and Java scripts.

Please remember image sizes should be light and responsive too. Your website loading time should be fast that it’s also very important part of Good SEO. Try to use JPG images instead of GIF or PNG.

Don’t do this: Try to avoid Tables, Frames, External plugin ,Java scripts and CSS.

C- Contents Of Website: Google likes rich & original contents without spelling and grammar mistakes. So when you are writing your website contents makes sure they are original and informative for readers. E

xplain your services or about products and try to use your main Keywords as a part of your website contents.

For example your main keyword is Freelance web designer. Try to write contents like this
Hi, I am Freelance web designer in Kuala Lumpur with over 15 years of experience building creative websites, WordPress themes design, Android Application, iPhone Application and SEO services for a diverse range of clients around the world

You can notice this within this one sentence I have used my all main keywords including my services.

Don’t do this: Please do not copy the content from other websites. Again please do not copy the contents. Google will dislike this and may be black list your website contents.

Second do not repeat the same sentence or Keyword again and again in same page.

D- HTML Tags For SEO : There are many HTML Tags for SEO but we will talk about basic and most important tags to use within the page.

1- TITLE Tag Is the most important tag in HTML for SEO. You must have to use your most wanted keyword(s) as a title of your website. Try to focus on your best keyword along with your local audience.

For example: Your most wanted keyword is Freelance Web Designer and your local city is Kuala Lumpur then use your title like this.

“Best Freelance Web Designer Kuala Lumpur” or “Freelance Designer, Mobile Apps Developer, Malaysia” Your title length should be 50-60 characters. Your web page Title will be the main heading of search results along with Web URL as well as short description about your website.

Don’t Do this: Please avoid to repeat same keyword again in Title tag also do not use too many characters in your title.

2- Meta Keywords Tag Although many blogs/articles said that now meta keywords tag is not important anymore but it is my personal experience that still this tag has importance in SEO.

If you used your keywords properly and your keywords are available within your contents then this will help you a lot.

For example: followed by above examples I am using my main keyword “Freelance Designer Kuala Lumpur, Best Designer Kuala Lumpur” in meta keywords tag. Important is these keywords are available in my contents too.

Don’t Do this: Please avoid to repeat same keyword again in meta keyword tag also do not use too many keywords in this tag. The maximum length of keywords should be 8-10 keywords.
3- Meta Description Tag This is the second most important part of Good SEO. Your meta description text will be appear on Google search results with your website page Title and URL.

Your meta description should be to the point about your product or services and should have maximum 150-160 character in it.

Google uses meta descriptions to return results when searchers use advanced search operators to match meta tag content, keywords and title.
The most important in this tag is your meta description text should have at least one or two best keywords in it.
It should match with the web page Title, meta description sentence and keywords should be available within your web page contents.

For example, Followed by the above examples. I am using this meta description in my website “Freelance Web Designer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with over 15 years of experience building creative websites, WordPress themes design & SEO services in low price”.

You can notice that I am using my most wanted keyword “Freelance Web Designer with targeted local audience plus some of my services. The description is matching with my page Title, Keywords and the Web page contents.

Don’t do this: Please do not write very long description, Google don’t like this. Do not forget to use your main keywords in it and do not make spelling mistakes in it.

4- Adding H1, H2, H3 Tags Using H1, H2, H3 tags is one of other Google’s requirements. The most is H1 tag which you should use in your top header area of the web page. Try to use this H1 tag on your most wanted targeted keywords. Maximum you can use 3-4 H1 tags in one page.

For Example, followed by previous examples. On my web page, I am using “Freelance Web Designer in Kuala Lumpur” under H1 tag.

Which is my target keyword? I am using 3 H1 in my top header area with my focused keywords. You can use H2 and H3 for other contents headings. If your headings are like keywords that would be good.

Don’t do this: Please do not use too many H1 tags in one page and do not forgot to use keywords in it, otherwise it will be just wasted.

5- Adding ALT Tag On images This is also important to have tags on each images you are using on your web page. Google check for this also. Try to use your best keywords inside of tag.

For example, followed by previous examples.

On one of my image tag, I am using the same focused keyword in it. We are still following the same combination of the keyword in all the tags. alt= “Freelance Web Designer in Kuala Lumpur”.

Don’t do this: Please check your all images tags and add tags, do not use hyphen or any spelling mistakes in it.

6- Add Title in Links It’s a good practice to use title tags inside your Links tags.

E- Internal Links One of the useful trick is try to create internal page links on your focused keywords. Those keywords should be part of your web page contents.
You have to make hyperlink on those keywords link and linked them with internal pages.

For example, followed by previous example.

This is my web page content. The bold words are my main keywords, they are part of my contents too. I have created separate pages for those services and have linked them from my this home page content. This will boost my main keywords ranking.

“Are you looking for an affordable, creative website from a reliable freelancer?. I’m Freelance Web Designer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With over 15 years of experience building creative websites, WordPress themes design, Android Application, iPhone Application and SEO services for a wide range of clients around the world.”

Site Map Create a website sitemap and placed it in your bottom navigation area. This is one of Google requirements too. The best online site map creation website is

You can just add your website url there and it will create HTML, XML sitemap for you automatically. Create one XML sitemap version to submit into your google webmaster tools.

Robots.txt Create Roboto.txt file and upload it on your web server. Google visit your website when it found Robots.txt file with your website files. To understand more about Robots.txt you can check this website

Google Web Master Tool The last stage is to create an account on Google web master browser. Add your website URL, Verify your website, Add your SiteMap and you are done.

You can create account hereby using your any Gmail account . Once your website is added here with sitemap, Google will visit your website and check all the requirements. After that you can view your website of Google search result. After submitting this, you have to wait around 24-48 hours.

Backlinks : To get fast and top ranking in Google search results, you must have to make quality backlinks. Soon I will write in details about how to create quality backlinks with sources.
For quick and best results i will advice you to use this backlink software. quality banklinks software I would also like to say try to place your website url on your Facebook, Google+, Twiter. This will make quick and good difference if you can manage to get some visitors from those social media platforms.

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